The Participatory Practices timeline project, sponsored by the UC Davis Center for Design in the Public Interest, is a joint effort between researchers, design practitioners, and students to explore the evolution of participatory practices across disciplines, beginning around the time of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. In a participatory approach, everyone with a stake in the design intervention can influence the outcome through collaboration with practitioners and researchers; it is designing "with" rather than designing "for."
This project examines key individuals, organizations, projects, writings, and social/cultural events across five decades and disciplines — community design, youth development, international development, public health, and technology development — to reveal key connections as well as the changing historical context of the work. Project outcomes include an interactive timeline, downloadable posters, and downloadable data sets, all available under a Creative Commons license. For a window into our research and design development process, see our blog at {URL to come}.


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